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WordPress Custom Design of Legume Delicia + Online Order System

Introduced the Business- Brief info on what the business is about.

Legumedelicia is an online food business that sells healthy and organic meals. They provide a variety of food options and ensure that they consume the right amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain healthier body weight for its customers.

What the business lacked before working with Delton Digital.

Legumedelicia had a brilliant business idea and structure, however, lacked online presence as they required a professional website to display their meals and systematically take orders. Legumedelicia also required branding, as they had zero brandings initially. Branding is essential for a business, as its how customers connect and identify with a business.

What did Delton Digital do to help and how.

From scratch, Delton Digital constructed and designed a professional eCommerce website, providing Legumedelicia with branding and imagery to their business. On the website, Delton Digital installed an effective system designed to take orders, which comes through as a receipt and is notified on the owner’s phone and email. We also listed their social media pages, in which once you click on the icon it will direct you to a new window where you can review their social media accounts. This will drive customers to follow their social media pages to keep updated with their brand messages and intentions. On the website, customers also have different secured payment solutions which include Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Network.

What happened after Delton Digital help and how did Delton Digital help achieve their requirements.

Their website design is specific to their brand intentions, as we used certain colours to implicate healthy and organic food. Since then, Legumedelicia has achieved branding, as its customers can connect and identify with their brand. Having a professional website means that Legumedelicia can gain traffic coverage of different areas in London. This enables Legumedelicia to further grow and expand their brand by reaching to new potential customers.


Legume Delicia




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