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Introduced the Business- Brief info on what the business is about.

247Joose is an ecommerce business that sells a range of luxury alcohol and cigarettes. They have over 80 products and offer a variation of alcohol, from champagne to beer. 247Joose is open 24 hours and offer delivery services.

What the business lacked before working with Delton Digital.

Initially, 247Joose had sourced great samples of branded alcohols to sell, however lacked brand identity. They required a unique logo and online presence. 247Joose wanted to glorify their brand due to the luxury products they had sourced.

What did Delton Digital do to help and how?

Delton Digital designed a unique, eye-catching logo for 247Joose that represent their brand intentions. We designed and developed an eCommerce website that contained a prestige look to match their opulent products. On their website we integrated a subscription option that appears in the home page. This allows for consumers to input their email, in which they will receive updates of new stock and deals.

What happened after Delton Digital help and how did Delton Digital help achieve their requirements.

The subscription option on their website has helped 247Joose gain a mailing list of potential customers. We helped 247Joose achieve brand identity and online presence. Delton Digital accomplished a fast turnaround on this project, as we listed over 80 products on their website in three weeks. To further raise brand awareness, we created flyers and did the artwork for 247Joose.



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