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Introduced the Business- Brief info on what the business is about.

Crystal Clear Translation is a UK based language recruitment agency who assist Local Authorities, Non-Government Organisation and Charities to tackle communication barriers between themselves and service users. The services include Interpreting, Proof-Reading, Translating, Transcription, Language Tuition and Video-Subtitling.


What the business lacked before working with Delton Digital.

The original website Crystal Clear Translation had was poorly constructed, which is bad for any sales industry business, as a professional website enforces trust in a brand. Lack of trust from customers can affect your financial potential earnings, as in customers are likely to feel hesitant to buy into a brand. Crystal Clear required a professional website that is reliable, functional and is good quality.


What did Delton Digital do to help and how.

Delton Digital reconstructed their original website and created a professional website that is well fitted to all electrical screen devices. The website is used as a platform to recruit translators and supply translators.  We enhanced the website to a professional standard where it includes their terms and conditions, blog and displays their excellent star ratings with written feedback.


What happened after Delton Digital help and how did Delton Digital help achieve their requirements.

Delton digital helped achieve Crystal Clear Translation requirements as their professional website is finely constructed. Digital Delton helped boost revenue growth for Crystal Clear Translation, as they practice cold calling as a business, and the website imposes that trust when it comes to clients buying into their services.



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