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Introduced the Business- Brief info on what the business is about.

Chinara Enterprises is an organisation seeking to provide customers with a wide range of expertise in workforce development and organisational development. The consultants within Chinara Enterprises specialise in many areas that support customers in developing their own organisation or career.


What the business lacked before working with Delton Digital.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Chinara Enterprise changed their business model to suit the current crisis by offering training courses to help accelerate previous or retired social workers, back into social work. Chinara Enterprise gained financial support through the Government-backed initiatives, as the government supported the idea of the cause.


What did Delton Digital do to help and how?

Delton Digital transformed their existing website to a bespoke E-learning platform, targeted at enrolling and providing training to candidates wanting to return to social works following the Covid-19 Pandemic. Delton Digital professionalised and redesigned the website, which appears to be engaging to the eye and inviting. We listed multiple courses that Chinara Enterprises have to offer, which customers gain a certificate on completion. The courses are exclusive to students, as the website allows candidates to register, login and uptake the training.


What happened after Delton Digital help and how did Delton Digital help achieve their requirements.

Delton Digital has attained Chinara Enterprises requirements as the online E-learning platform enables candidates to gain the right credentials to fast track themselves back into social work. Since then, Chinara Enterprises have received positive feedback and responses from candidates regarding their online courses.


Chinara Enterprises

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