WordPress Custom Redesign of Barsprta Website + Ecommerce

Introduced the Business- Brief info on what the business is about.

Barsparta has become a big fitness brand that was founded in London in, 2014. Barsparta started with a group of passionate friends who shared a common interest in bars and who became massive influencers on social media. From their recognition on social media, they wanted to expand their brand and start merchandising their own products.

What the business lacked before working with Delton Digital.

Barsparta had no web presence to professionally showcase their talent and merchandise their products. Having over 20k followers on Instagram, Barsparta needed a platform to efficiently hold and keep track of their financial data.

What did Delton Digital do to help and how?

Delton Digital built an eCommerce website for Barsparta to professionally showcase their talent and merchandise their 5 products. We also created email hosting to further help establish Barsparta as a brand. Email hosting appears more professional and trust to customers. Furthermore, we integrated their business with Xero accounting software that manages their financial data. This has been a great benefit Barsparta as the software efficiently holds and keeps track of their data.

What happened after Delton Digital help and how did Delton Digital help achieve their requirements.

Currently, Barsparta is the UK champions and continues to grow as a brand across the world. The integration with Xero accounting software has allowed them to save time on manual data entry, to which enables them to expand as a brand. Delton Digital integrated a convenient system that allows Barsparta to have time to judge competitions and attend to fitness events all over the world. Barsparta have taught workshops across 20 countries!





Fireaway Pizza

Potent Social


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